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We offer an extensive range of Composite and uPVC doors, and with billions of configurations to choose from, we are sure to have the right style, colour and finishing touches for you!

If it's a complete transformation you're looking for, we offer an excellent choice of French doors, patios and both uPVC and aluminium Bi-Folding doors too!

What is a Composite Door?

Composite doors are made from various synthetic building materials, including fibreglass, aluminium, wood, foam insulation and uPVC.

Fibreglass is the most commonly used material as we find it has the best effect. Also known as glass reinforced plastic (GRC), fibreglass is an extremely strong material made from plastic reinforced with very strong fibres of glass. This results in a particularly strong and secure door, making it the perfect option for external doors.

How composite doors compare to other external doors?

There are different types of external doors that are commonly used, although none of them are as new in design as composite design. To understand why you should buy a composite door, you should understand how they compare.

  • Wooden doors - Whilst aesthetically pleasing, wooden doors are at risk from warping, bending and shrinking, causing draughts. Wood doors are usually made from hardwood, making them an expensive option.
  • uPVC doors - Durable and cheap, these doors require minimal maintenance, and are a very cost effective way of upgrading your door.
  • Composite doors - The exact features of composite doors can vary quite widely due to the different materials used. This means you’ll almost certainly be able to find one suitable for your budget. They have the durability and low maintenance of uPVC, whilst retaining the beauty of a wooden door. They’re highly insulated, making them energy efficient, and they don’t warp or shrink.

A summary of the advantages of composite doors

  • A composite door has wood grain and beautiful wood effects without any susceptibility to shakes, splits or knots.
  • They don’t twist, bow, crack or dry out in bad weather conditions.
  • Composite doors have the ability to retain up to 6 times the amount of heat as a wooden door has
  • Composite doors don’t shrink, maintaining a draught proof seal against its frame.
  • Unlike wood, colours will not peel or fade.

Security and composite doors

The different materials used in composite doors make them very strong and secure. The way we construct composite doors allows you to add advanced and sophisticated locking systems not available to uPVC or wooden doors. You can also add high security deadbolts and multipoint auto locks, along with extra and strengthened hinges for a truly secure front door.


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